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DPS from Aoe, yeah. It's not really comparable to a rogue though, since they do their dps in different ways. Damage across many enemies vs damage against one enemy.


Barbarians are definitely less squishy due to the higher endurance.


If you use paladins, they can save a lot of squishy classes via lay on hands and exhortations.


The thing about barbarian is that because the carnage is a melee aoe, the dps goes up the more enemies you have there and the more debuffed they are.


Selecting a good weapon will determine much of your dps on the barbarian.

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Barbs rock! :) And they are the only class that can bring the soulbound weapons to some good use, since they land a lot of hits/crits with every strike and therefore the special enchantments geht triggered more often (more procs per attack).

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