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Monk and Novice Unarmed damages : Need your help

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I've recently remarked that Novice suffering damages were actually higher than monk's one.


Unless I'm mistaken (or unless it is a tooltip issue), Novice's Suffering does actually 3 more damages than Monk's Suffering, which does not make sense.

Novice suffering is +5 damages at lvl 1 and +4 accuracy/+2 damages per 3 lvl beyond first (4, 7, 10...).
Transcent suffering is +2 damages at level 1 with apparently same scaling.



See details in the Technical Support thread below :





The problem is that I will not be able to check it in-game for a while, and I also don't have a high level monk (and non-monk) to check how the problem scales.

I also heard from an old thread that Novice's suffering actually scaled even better at level 14 !



Is there a helpful person who could do the following operations :


- Have a level 14 monk in your party 

- Have a level 14 non-monk in your party with Novice's suffering (you can do this with respec)

- Upload your save and log to the Technical Thread above


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help !



PS : That could mean that monk's unarmed damage could finally be intended to be actually better than weapons ! Youhouh !

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Guest Matt Sheets

Monk's also have higher base damage.


Level 1 Monk with 10 Might: 12-17 Damage (10-15 without Transcendent Suffering).

Level 1 Non-Monk with 10 Might: 5-8 Damage

Level 2 Non-Monk with Novice's Suffering and 10 Might: 10-13 (+5 from the talent).


Monks level 14 with 10 Might: 20-25 (10-15 without Transcendent Suffering).

Level 14 Non-Monks with Novice's Suffering and 10 Might: 18-21 (5-8 without Novice Suffering).

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