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Novice suffering better than monk's

Elric Galad


Currently Novice suffering is +5 damages at lvl 1 and +4 accuracy/+2 damages per 3 lvl beyond first (4, 7, 10...).


Transcent suffering is +2 damages at level 1 with apparently same scaling.


So Novice suffering is exactly 3 more damage than monk's, which is really weird. Is it really intended ?




I have also read rumours stating that novice continues scaling at lvl 13, but not monk's suffering. But for this I cannot confirm.

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Hello Aarik,


I will not be able to access the game for a while.


And anyway I still don't have a Lvl 14 Monk and an level 14 non-Monk to test my second point at high level. 

(I think it's better if you can get a complete view on the problem).


So I am going to ask for a save file to other people in the forum.

If I can't get it, I'll do it myself later but it may take a while. I will not forget, I promise !

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