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Problem launching via Steam.



Two weeks ago i started having problems launching a few of my games in my Steam library, Pillars of Eternity being one of them. Essentially the problem is that i hit the play button and either nothing happens or every now and then i see the game title turn blue and i can see its syncing data, but still nothing launches. I have been able to play the game by going into the local files and clicking on the .exe file directly, though this disables achievements.


I know this is almost entirely a steam problem, and seems to revolve around the in game overlay. I can launch the game via steam if i delete the overlay.dll files in the steam directory, but again this disables in game achievements.


The reason I'm posting this is because i really haven't been able to find any information on how to fix this, and steam support has really been no help on the matter. Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue and possibly knows a way to fix it? I love the game, and although its probably silly to worry about earning achievements, it does sort of bug me while i'm playing that i'm not earning credit towards any of them. :banghead:

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