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Intra-party Waifu-ing

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There are quite a few hints of romantic subplots, as shown through in-party banter. Surprisingly, some of the most waifuable candidates are snatched up by, well other waifuable candiates. These 2 pairs are quite cute:


- Pallegina <3 Hiravias: Hiravias has always been a flirt. When asked, he (TMI!) comments on Pallegina's supposedly extant cloaca (Google it). Pallegina at first sternly halts his advances. But they kinda became fast friends. They are both naturally skeptical of the gods. Both have authority issues. Pallegina the feminist is quite sympathetic to the racism Hiravias grew up experiencing, and the 2 bond over. I'm rooting for these two. If nothing else, just for "the beauty and the beast (or more like the bird and beast)" factor.


- Eder <3 Aloth / Iselmyr: Eder is smitten with Iselmyr and he's barely hiding it. Who's Aloth to stand in the way? It just seems those 2 (3) will get along beautifully. I just really really really want the dumb blonde love / bro-fest of Eder to have something nice for once. You know?


On the other hand it's kind of a bummer 'cuz my priest PC was hoping to waifu some of them, namely Pallegina or Aloth. But the game itself keeps throwing hints that they were onto somebody else. Oh well.


What did you pick up?

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I'd love to see a scene where Eder goes to bed with Iselmyr, but wakes up with Aloth.


I get the sense that Eder would probably be his normal unflappable self. Aloth on the other hand...


I suspect hilarity would ensue.

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Oh boy, people are pairing up party members! That's exciting.




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