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Alpine Dragon vs. Monk with Cape o.t. Mater-Mystic



Right to the point:

Dragon wiped party except the monk. Party could defeat the minions before they went down.

Monk survived and faced dragon alone with Cladhaliath (spear from Lle a Rhemen).


She was perma terrified by the Dargon's fear-aura but hit him from time to time with min dmg of 3 or 4.


I summoned her figurine ("Noble Creature") and the dragon stomped the summon within a second.


Then I activated her dichotomous duplicates, but the dragon killed both within a second.


That means, that the dragon was still able to do something. Nevertheless, he never attacked the monk,

neither with a physical attack nor with his breath-AoE.


It took about 20 minutes, but gradually she brought him down, with her 3-4 points of dmg.


The spear had a stun attack, which never hit. Other than that the only unique equipment she had was that

Cape of the Master Mystic, which grants invisibility on a critical hit, once per encounter.


Now I figure, that either the cape is bugged and grants a permanent invisibility or it grants the invisibility

on EVERY critical hit or the dragon's AI is somewhat broken.

She got critted by the fear aura every few seconds and thus, she was practically always invisible.


In any way, something is totally wrong.



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Going to chime in that I had this happen to me as well, against ogres in the EP. I don't have a prior save, just saying it's probably not dragon-related. My fighter is now permanently invisible and can't be targeted by anything yada yada. I'm glad the patch is seemingly going to stop it from happening, but can I make him visible again somehow? He's a very odd kind of tank right now...


He's cured on the beta. Rejoice :)

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