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Are Priest AOE Spells Supposed To Work On The Casting Priest?

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Because most of mine do not. When one of my priests casts Prayer Against Imprisonment, it works on the entire party, except the priest. The same with Dire Blessing, Armor of Faith, Blessing, Holy Meditation, Prayer Against Infirmity, Suppress Affliction, Prayer Against Restraint, Watchful Presence, Devotions of the Faithful, Prayer Against Bewilderment, Triumph of the Crusaders, Salvation of Time, Shields of the Faithful, Minor Intercession, Prayer Against Treachery, and Spark the Souls of the Righteous. Many of the Healing spells do not work on my Priests as well, but do heal everyone else in the area of effect. That one is not so easy to test, since I have to go looking for a fight and get injured.


OTOH, Circle of Protection does work on the priest, as does Prayer Against Fear, Consecrated Ground, Holy Power, and Crowns For The Faithful.


Is this how the game is supposed to be? Because these fights against enemies that paralyze with every hit like Laugerfeths leave my Priest useless for the entire fight, because her own Prayer Against Imprisonment spell works on everyone but herself.


I tried this with two different priests and get the same result. I even tried taking off all the Priests gear just to make sure something wasn't interfering. The results are always the same. I didn't see this listed in the Technical Issues forum, but I only went back about 10 pages, and a search didn't bring it up.

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I just figured it out. It is IEMod. I just removed it, and all the AOE spells work on the Priest. I put it back, and they stopped working again.


Edit to add: For anyone else who gets this same issue, I reinstalled patch 2.01 (Gog-10), and then downloaded a newer version of IE Mod - version 5.04. Now the Priest spells work on the Priest with IE Mod.

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