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Few interesting bugs (Spoilers!)



1. This one is rather cheesy, done in Durgan's Battery. After I finished quest and White Forge was accessible to me I travel to entrance of this dungeon again, and that's what I did: since I like doing some backtracking to make sure I haven't missed stuff like loot or maybe some event I do another sweep, so this time on entrance first I chose to go one level below, found nothing left, got out and then chose to ascend to the top. I appeared on the first floor of White Forge dungeon and it reset, I met same mobs, found same loot (few more Durgan Steel Ignots), and if you have finished Garodh's quest and find first piece of his help in this reset dungeon you get another Garodh's Chorus helm after his speech. But you cannot go below from this floor, exit to next will by unaccessible but you can freely turn back, no quests will be reset and nothing will break. Would be great if you can replicate this bug and write about it here guys.


2. That was really funny one. I made final preparations to go for Adra Dragon. I remember how much grief it caused me on my last playthrough so I basically was preparing for this battle throughout my journey. Maxed every character picked and enchanted best possible gear, bought total of 10 Paralize Scrolls for 2 casters and went forth. So after short dialogue battle began, I only had a chance to cast first Paralize which hit successfully and BAM Adra Dragon falls dead. I have no idea what or how it happened because battle barely began, I had no cheats, haven't even opened console once throughout this game, was playing on Hard, nothing unusual with gear or party members, I even slew Alpine Dragon before going for Adra, battle was pretty tough, took me 3 tries to down this beast. That's ironic really, boss that you dedicated all your resourses and mind to just falls after single slap in a face...


3. The Ironclasp Grimoire is absolutely broken... I bought spells that I hadn't in my Grimoire and after that they vanished both from my Grimoire and from The Ironclasp, seems not only Ninagauth's Grimoire is broken...Still, keeping it in my bag, hope this will get fixed after an update or two.

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Hello Stoner,


In the future, please only write one bug per post. It makes it difficult for us to keep track of bugs if there are too many bugs going and and if people find the same post and start commenting, it can become hectic if there are too many things going on at once.


1. We are aware of the issue, but could you please upload a save file and an output log (please load up that save before you send it)

2. Please upload a save file and an output log for this as well.

3. We are aware of this issue.


Thank you for your support. 

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