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Item's Bonus Healing... seems not working

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My Fulvano's Amulet  as like Belt of Bountiful Healing seems doesn't work. When I'm wearing 1 of these, either the  tootltip's information doesn't changed or log battle too. I tried on various characters, even  only with  just 1 of these items equipped( so no stacking items problem i guess), in many ways ( like healing  character whose wearing item or healing another companion). The amonut of healing doesn't change.


What could be the reason? I'have the same problem on ver. 2.0 and 2.01.


If Your's items works pls say whether it changed description and actual effect of healing or not in Your game fellows?

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These change the amount of healing the character does not the amount the character receives - is this what you are testing (give them to your healers like Durance) - I don't know if this shows up in character sheet or log but you should be able to test it having the healer cast both with and without the item.

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