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Considering a two handed rogue, and while the Hours of St. Whoever is very straightforward (and effective) I am wondering at the usefulness of Tidefall as an alternative.


I am wondering how the wounding weapon property interacts with critical hits and other damage multipliers.


A. Do critical hits extend the duration as normal with duration effects?

B. Do critical hits multiply the damage the wounding property draws from?

C. Do weapon damage modifiers such as reckless assault or two handed style amplify the wounding damage?

Thank you for your time.

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I'm not real sure 2 or 3, it can be hard to tell exactly how much a DoT is doing. I got extensive use of Tidefall on my first Barb playthrough, and used Hours on my my recent 2.0 one, as Tidefall is broken in 2.0 and makes the game an utter joke. Best I can tell you is, whatever frame the game uses to calculate time for DoT ticks, a it'd tick for 6-8 damage above someone's head.


To try to be helpful, I do know crits do extend the DoT length. I don't think it extends the tick damage though, and especially as a Rogue, if you're beating something down, it won't live the regular DoT length, let alone a crit one. B and C are sorta similar, as crits are just a just another + modifer like anything else, so if it takes into account modifer damage, it'll take into account crits.


To guess if it does, I'd go with yes, as Lash's are a total of all damage, after modifiers, crit included, and I'd guess the wounding property is treated similar to a Lash. Which makes it one of the best modifers for a weapon, up there with Speed.

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