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2.01 FoD +20 Accuracy buff based off of base accuracy



So FoD is giving my Paladins +20 accuracy but to their BASE accuracy not their accuracy when it is buffed by Zealous Focus and Holy Radiance is this intended?  if so it should be on the tool tip.


Pics here


68 accuracy




My buffed accuracy is 54: pics below




My tanks base accuracy is 48 so 68 makes sense.


Saved game



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Have gun will travel.

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Hello Torm,


There is currently a bug that is affecting how accuracy is displayed in the character sheet. But the numbers should be correct in the combat log. However, after looking at your save, it appears that FoD and Zealous Focus are not stacking. So you are losing out on 6 accuracy. I have entered a bug into our database. 


Keep up the good work!

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