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The devil's companion quest - consequence for lying?

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When you help the devil find the person who murdered her family, you look into his soul. She then asks you to tell her if he's the one (he is indeed a murderer and a bad person).


IMHO, the guy surely deserves punishment for his deeds. Answering murder with murder is harsh, but given his deeds, I can somewhat justify it to my conscience. But I don't feel well about fighting his fellow woodcutters. They seem like uninvolved, innocent civilians to me. Sadly, there is no option to isolate him. Lying to the devil avoids blodshed, but otherwise leads to a very similar dialogue.


My questions:

- How have you decided? Does he deserve death?

- Is it justifyable to lie to the devil to avoid bloodshed of innocents?

- Does this decision catch up with you eventually?

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First two questions are going to depend on the player and the character they roleplay, and are meant to be thought about. ;)

As for the last question: not as of yet, as far as I know. Maybe in White March part 2?



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I seem to recall someone saying that all the woodcutters participated in the sack of the town, its a point of pride or something. So they were setting up that group battle.

It would have been more impactful IMHO if they just had him alone, or with his kids nearby. Then let's see how we feel about justice.

I decided to let him live at first, not using the lying option but just telling her he didn't burn her house down. Then thought about it, reloaded and upon re-reading the description of his soul reading, told her he was guilty.

His memories specifically said he torched anything he could and put anything running to the sword. THEN he got to her house. Regardless of whether he was influenced by others, he commited lots of acts of murder, in addition to her family. He threw the torch. He's guilty.

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I seem to recall someone saying that all the woodcutters participated in the sack of the town, its a point of pride or something. So they were setting up that group battle.


Now that you say it, I think I remember something similar. It would be great if someone knew more details?

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I had issues with this quest.


A lot of it comes down to the fact that I'm killing this guy as a favor. I don't have any particular reason to want him dead. 

His buddies even less so. 


The other part is that Stalwart's population is in freefall. By completing it violently, I'm actively hurting my employers. 

It just seems that a professional murderess should be able to plan a better murder, perhaps with the target isolated, and the method obscured. 

And maybe if she isn't, then my character should. 

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Ah, but she's not really an assassin, more just a cold-blooded killer that stabs everything in the way.  She burns down houses with everyone in them rather than trying to do silent precise kills.

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Yeah, people think of her as a professional assassin (which is why they complain about her stats and skill set) but she's more like a crazy, messed up girl with a kitchen knife. 


That being said, I also thought the quest was a little too "neat", in that all the woodcutters conveniently participated in the sack of the town and then conveniently hang out together. I would also have preferred a stealth option. 

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Really weird quest for me. Inconsistent. I got the feeling that time or lack of resources impacted on it. The writing in parts was excellent, in particularly the soul reading parts. But the overall quest felt unfinished or rushed. Pity. I like DOC and her story had a lot of potential so it would have been nice if they had payed more attention to it.

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