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Just killed thaos in TCS, final dialog not launching, I'm stuck



Just killed Thaos in Triple Crown Solo. I killed the Hammer Giant first, then Thaos, then the Axe Giant. But sadly, my character was stuck after the fight and the final dialog was not launching. I could not move, nor open the menu, but the game was still running (no freeze). I quitted the game with Alt+F4, and reloaded my save after launching the game. The game made a save after the fight, so now I can move around the arena, there's the Thaos soul on the ground (Saying "Thaos" by pressing Tab) but I cannot speak to it nor active the machine to end the game.


I spent over 50h for a single achievement that I will never have.


Is there a way to activate the dialogue or activate the machine script ? I can upload my save / pictures or even a video showing the character moving around, desperately crying for an exit.


Don't say "load an old save" or "you should have save before the fight", I was surprised enough that there was no Pre Jump save before the beginning of the Act IV (it's Iron Challenge, but hey, I wanted to do Withe March with that character... Anyway, I don't mind creating a new TCS character to try the DLC).



I believe that I can modify some values in "C:\Users\Grokitach\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\loadedSave.zip", for example in the .lvl file of the last level maybe ?



P.S. : I found a backup of my save in the backup2.0 folder, It was in Lle a Rhemen, at least I can try getting to Thaos again and backup my save before the fight in case things go wrong again...

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Hey, Grokitach!


I've got a retroactive fix for a case like yours already slated for the next patch.


Even though the solution to the problem should cover all edge cases where the convo doesn't start at the end of the encounter with Thaos, I was wondering if you remember whether your character (Draxx) was afflicted by some specific status effect when the fight ended. That may have been the cause of the dialogue not starting properly, and I'm looking into possible solutions that run deeper than the fix I implemented.


Thanks in advance!



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Hi guys, I have the exact same problem as above, with the newest Steam version of the game. Does anyone have any solution for this? I have the save file from before the fight, and mid-fight (after killing Thaos and one of the guardians), if any devs interested. I'm sad about my achievements gone bye bye with this run :(

My save files and a crash dump + output log, if anyone interested:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vx1dkumcnghf02p/Pillars of Eternity.zip?dl=0


I guess it just crashed after I pressed Alt-F4 ...

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