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Ailef does not become a prisoner



When completing the “Overstaying His Welcome” quest, I fought the slaver and then returned to Ailef, picking the conversation option of punishing his crimes by taking him as a prisoner. The dialogue response is appropriate, there is a fade to black in which Ailef disappears, but I never get the notification that I now have him as a prisoner in the Stronghold.


Returning to Caed Nua and going down to the dungeons likewise reveals them to be empty. I tried reloading a save and doing other things prior to completing the quest to see if it would fix the issue but to no avail.


Link to save game (just before initiating conversation to complete the quest), output file and system specs



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Hi Bizkit


Yes, the dungeon has been completed. In fact, I had a prisoner escape already... which prompted me to finish all the security buildings before trying to go for another prisoner. Seems like Ailef did not care for the hospitality Caed Nua provides and decided to skip prison entirely. >_< 

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Hello Aarik


Thank you for your reply. I loaded a game where Ailef had been imprisoned and double checked every single cell in the dungeons. He is, indeed a prisoner (far left, bottom row of cells in my case).


However, both the Jailer and the Stroghold actions screen do not recognise his presence, as can be seen from the following screenshots








It is not a huge bug, though now I am confused as to whether the system recognises that Ailef is in fact a prisoner (so there is a chance he might escape or someone will come asking for him at some point) or not (he is visually present and can be interacted with, but from a Stronghold point of view that cell is empty and there is no action to be done with him).



Save game link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wstv7dsnthoiye5/Dungeons.zip?dl=0



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