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[2.01] Morug discrepancy



After killing most of the ogres and then negotiating peace with them, the Matron tells me (in an overhead speech thingie) to look up Morug to trade some goodies with him, but he's nowhere to be found. This thread says that he only shows up if you negotiated peace without any casualties, so either the Matron shouldn't be saying that line to me, or he should show up if the peace was made, even if there were some sacrifices (I'd prefer the latter :p).


Here's a save game from the cave, you may need to chat up to the Matron a couple of times to get that line:




(NOTE: In front of the cave there are some fampyrs om-nom-noming some dead ogres, but that probably isn't related. But then again, if Morug is outside the cave, then he probably should have some reaction to that display - if he doesn't then that's another bug, I guess.)


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