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[2.01] Kill the Mage first AI Behaviour (-Bug?)



Its not reallly a bug but its an annoying thing to me how the AI is trying to kill my mage with getting weaker by trying it.


1) with 2.01 you introduced a mechanic which alerts the AI and goes for my Mage in this case Aloth to kill him as he produces a lot of damage in very short time, problem is that he euipped the speed boots which makes im faster running then the AI, i can outrun dem AI and as only melee is trying fo kill him, i lead them away root/stun them there and kill the others weaker targets meanwhile :-) ...


I understand what you wanted to acchieve but in my case it dont works.


2) second problem is, if you running to far away from the battlefield, enemies turn around and going back, GOING back... hey great you cant stun them/used your stun spells, but they stun themselves ;-) if they see Aloth they try again to catch him so you can "stun" them without spells, just using the in this case "bad" AI... sorry dont want to be rude.


would love if you find a way to solve this or changing it so they would protect thereself or protect the enemy mage...



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