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Zealous Charge...will at times (rarely) not kick in right away.



I have been using Zealous Charge lately as I really like the flexibility it gives you to disengage and move your party but I have noticed that RARELY like it will happen about 5 times in a week and I play about 1 or 2 hours a day (yes I get no sleep hah)..  What will happen is that instead of the aura kicking ASAP as soon as combat starts the icon of Zealous Charge is in a global cooldown state.  After it is done with the cool down it will kick in 2 to 3 seconds later.


Most of the time it works perfectly.  If you turn Charge OFF and manually select it at the start of every fight it NEVER does it.  dropbox link below.





Have gun will travel.

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Hey Torm,


I believe I figured out the problem. It only happens when you end combat and start a new one right now. The aura hasn't finished going through its coolddown but took a few seconds for it to activate again once the cooldown was finished. I'll put in a bug into our database. 


Thanks for all your help!

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