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A question about the locations of the Soulbind Weapons.......

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     The introduction of the Soullbind Weapons made me wonder are all of them in the WhiteMarch areas only or have they been put all over the game world?

     Another question if you will......if i understand right aint there 1 soulbind weapon for every weapon type in the game?

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As Doppelschwert says, there are exactly five soulbound weapons in the game currently, and they are all in the White March. His spoiler is not entirely correct.



While there is no soulbound weapon in the forest to the left of Stalwart, there is HALF a soulbound weapon there. :devil:




If you want to know what the weapons are and where you find them in White March, you need to visit one of the spoiler forums. THIS POST will tell you everything you need.

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