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ectopsychic echo OP?

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Hey guys,


Was curious to hear your thoughts on echtopsychic echo? I think its way OP tbh. I'm playing on PoTD, and the game has been very challenging for me for the most part. I love the challenge, but I recently discovered this skill and it does literally hundreds of damage very quickly. All I do is summon a monster behind enemy lines and use this ability on him and literally annihilate everything in its path in a matter of seconds.


It seems a little too strong to me. I compare it with the other 3rd level power "soul ignite" or whatever its called. This skill does 100 or so damage to one target over like 15 seconds? Whereas ectopsychic echo does 5x that damage to EVERY target in its path. 


Curious to hear everyones thoughts


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Posted this in the bugs forum a while back.  It's doing an extra 50% damage that's almost always blowing right past damage reduction because the Crush damage is benefiting from Soul Whip.


Yes, it's crazy OP and makes the game trivial.


The game is trivial even without ever using this skill. 


Being able to cast it on summons is a bit cheese though. If it was limited to actual party members at least they would have to suffer engagement consequences while repositioning. 

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It's a cheese tactic, but in a game with so many different things going on in combat, some cheese is expected to slip through. Unlike most single player games, which get maybe one balance patch if you're lucky, Pillars gets a ton, so maybe someday the cheese will be thrown out. For now, you just have to put self-imposed limitations on yourself, or just make the game too easy. Not that it's a perfect solution. It's no fun having to question if something is too good, and hold your back from using everything at hand, while it is more fun to try to get the best performance you can out of the tools provided. Just some of those tools a little too sharp.


Not like it's the only cheese in the game. They've thankfully cut some out, but still plenty left to munch on if a player gets hungry.

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