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[TWM 2.0] "Consecrated Grounds" affecting enemies



The spell "Consecrated Grounds" as proc'd by the Shod-in-Faith boots appears to be affecting specific enemies. My best guess is that when the Killing them with love bug was fixed, some creatures were missed and are still lacking whatever flag makes party buffs leave them unaffected.









Load the attached saved game.

Observe the protagonist is wearing the Shod-in-Faith boots.

Enter combat with the spores, lurkers, etc. and spam crowd control to enable the protagonist to get close to the Giant Dank Spore.

Have the protagonist be hit by a critical hit (either debuff her or try to hit her with a high-accuracy party member) to proc "Consecrated Grounds" from the Shod-in-Faith boots.

Hover your cursor over the Giant Dank Spore; observe that "Consecrated Grounds" is affecting it.

(You may also observe that other enemies around the protagonist appear to be unaffected.)

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Hello Andrea,


This is a design choice. While under the effects of a crowd control spell, enemy units become friendly and gain beneficial bonus/spells from your party. It'll remain on them until the duration of the buff/spell wears off. If the spell does not wear off and is permanent, then that is a bug.


Thanks a bunch!

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