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Let's talk about dragon/boss encounters.

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Thee adra/ice (and sky in a way) dragons have to be some of the dumbest encounters in the game.  There's absolutely no strategy besides pure cheese.  Just set up traps and start blasting CC everywhere and hope the dragon falls, otherwise he's going to one-shot you (or better yet, get the dopey minions in front of him so he wanders back and forth due to his large footprint and bad pathfinding).  If he randomly rolls to use one of his AOEs, then he's probably going to take down a few.


I mean, what is the point of these encounters?  It's just rolling dice against a stat pile.  They're all beyond lame.  For future expansions (or if you feel up to it) please change these so that they're:


a. correctly placed according to progression (i.e. ice dragon isn't among level 8ish critters)

b. actually challenging in a way that requires more than cheese and luck

c. rewarding in a way so that players don't feel obligated to hobo-bash them in order to get the phat lootz

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For the love of god, at least tone down the AOE attacks.  Why do they so as much (more?) than just standard attacking?  It totally kills immersion (and again, the purpose of ironman mode) when savescumming is an absolute requirement.  These encounters go completely against everything that made POE good and different.  



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The dragon encounters are terrible, yes. They revolve far too much around high numbers and far too little around the dragons doing things that are interesting and/or hard to counter.


The Adra Dragon's AoE is bull****, though. There's no way anyone can stand infront of that thing.


Well, not for any length of time with the accuracy buff from 2.0. Before that, you would've been flatly wrong.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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