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Why can't we view trap difficulty the same way we can view lock difficulty?

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By "difficulty" I mean the required Mechanics skill for disarming them.


It seems like a bit of a curious oversight, especially with trapped chests where you aren't even told the trap difficulty in the big dialogue box that says you were unable to disarm the trap if your skill is too low. On the other hand, you are told what the trap's difficulty was after successfully disarming it.


While we're on the topic of making traps and locks more equivalent, the game could also have a resource similar to lockpicks to help with disarming traps.

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It would be nice to have that same pop-up box for traps that you get with locks. My level 10 ranger, who has a mechanics skill of 10, found some traps he couldn't disarm. It would be nice to know how many more points in mechanics I need to disarm them. I know there are several accessories you can find (hats, rings, belts, ect) that up the mechanics skill, so I'm on the lookout for those. I left this particular area (I won't mention where, as that would be considered a spoiler) and will return with a higher mechanics skill. It would just save some time to know how high I need to get the skill before I can disarm the traps.

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