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As far as I remember the Staff gives :


raw: exceptional quality, 10% chance natures' mark on hit, once by encounter

first upgrade : can cast two beetle's shell per rest (200 hp cocoon on target, the target can't act) per rest.

second : 10% chance twin stones on hit, once by encounter

third :superb quality, can cast ironskin 3 or two times per rest.


Maybe the powers are differents for druids or monks, I haven't tried it yet.


English is not my first langage, so abilities granted by the staff may have another name.



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Hardened veil and that 2nd level heal spell are rather nice. Am running a flanking Mage with high might and average int on hard and he's pretty awesome. Soldier wf/ two hander reach and arbalest. Breastplate or scale and he's doing some nice damage and is pretty hard to kill with veil. Fan of flames and other foe only spells are easier to manage. When he gets that 5th level spell with the vorpal sword, he will be pretty dangerous, at least he was on last play through.


Wands are ok, lots of talents though blights are nice. More a backline weapon though and damage is pretty consistent if a bit low. Looking forward to getting a certain fire wand in white March though.


Would like a decent weapon when am not using the sword from the spell though. Other decent reach weapons are being used elsewhere

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Mages are incredibly good in melee, especially if they get lvl 1, 2 and 3 per encounter. It's just a lot of buffing at the beginning of each fight, but then, for the rest of most fights, they are the best melee auto attacker there is. Especially Eldritch Aim, Infuse with Vital Essence, Merciless Gaze, Mirrored Image, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion and, L. Displaced Image are great things to cast while someone's pulling the enemy towards your group. If all is set up, the wizards becomes one of the deadliest and at he same time tankiest melee characters I know of. Combine that with Tall Grass and switch to the very powerful Spirit Lance in tough fights, and bystanders will get mass confused just by observing your magnificence (no, not ingame). He will still do more damage if he spams AOE spells though. But if you want to do it - it's fun and absolutely rocks.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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