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Soulbound weapon skipping ahead bug



I had the bow (Stormcaller?) bound to Grieving Mother, and had gotten it to the second part where she has to kill 5 druids or 25 other enemies. I was in the White March inn swapping out some party members in order to rearrange items and inventories and I dismissed Grieving Mother, Stormcaller in hand. When I recruited her back a couple of minutes later the bow had skipped ahead one step in its progression tree; the requirement now read "Rest in a Sky Dragon's lair" or something very similar. However, the ability for the second step (whatever that may be) had not unlocked.


I travelled to Hylea's temple and rested there, and the bow unlocked its final step (becoming Superior and gaining the Crackling Bolt ability twice per day) and listed as complete. But it still looked like it hadn't unlocked its second ability.


I reloaded a save, unequipped the bow from Grieving Mother and gave it to another character to hold so that when I dismissed her the bow stayed in the active party. This time everything worked fine and the bow remained at its current level of completion when I got Grieving Mother back and had her equip the bow again.


I don't know if this is something that happens to all soulbound weapons, since I didn't try doing this with any of the others. Still, it shouldn't be too hard to try and reproduce this bug.

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