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Some Bugs



Decided to post bugs that I experienced after installing The White March and also before. Some of them are totally addon induced,because they weren't there last time I played. Can't provide any save file because i'm lazy. Take my words or ignore them. Played on hard without changing the difficulty.

-Conselhaut's Crushing Doom spell is bugged. Was fighting the adra dragon and then summoned Conselhaut via skull pet item. When I casted Crushing Doom through summoned lich it was doing very low damage (3-5 crush) because of the dragon high DR. Then after some time spell suddenly insta killed the dragon with insane damage of something like 1300+ crush! Now,I've read the description and I know that this spell is supposed to be "more damaging with every slam" but that damage is just broken.

-Visage of Conselhaut spell that summons Conselhaut is bugged too. In the description it says  "User: 60.4 Raw Damage (base 40) for 18 sec (base 20 sec)" but in combat my character take no raw damage at all and a bunch of zeroes flying over his head.

-Weapon enchantement names dissapeared in the discription for most items. You still can see quality words like "Fine" etc,but not others like "Defiant" and such. Only effects remain such as "+20% Attack Speed".

-In Consenhault chambers one Algul is always hostile. If you not lure it out first,you are locked in dialogie with archmage and forced to listen combat music while talking to him.

-"Animated Weapon" bestiary discription incorrectly uses "Human Skeleton" bestiary entry.

Now for other bugs (I don't know for sure if they were in game before addon or not).


-Most annoying bug: when you desend in Sun In Shadow you supposed to have a vision of Wael at certain point. When I reloaded to try different dialogue options he was gone. So now he doesn't spawn at all and I can't even finish the game because I don't want to miss plot details.

-Edge of Reason bug. Mine main character is using that battle axe and in one encounter when he become dominated and attacked Palengina weapon trait stucked on her. Now she have Edge of Reason affliction on her icon (Grase x0.5) and absolutely nothing can make it go away. It's not a big deal but still it not supposed to be that way.

-At burial isle there are orb soul thingies that will draw into watcher model when he come close to them. Every time you reload the map they all respawn. I know they are just visual effects that really don't affect the game,but is it supposed to be that way? Are they meant to respawn every time on purpose or it's a bug?

-I also wanted to ask about long standing bug of barbarian carnage talent. (When you use some binded spell or healing items they will also be afected by carnage.) Can it even be fixed or it's just hardcoded in the combat mechanics?

-There was also a bug when I have buffed my main character strenght to 87. I think it was caused by new Druid Nature's Bounty spell but I am not sure,I will try replicate it and say for certain. For now save/load fixed this bug.

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-Voice of Haeferic cuts off when speaking him first time. Only last part of his sentences can be heard.
-Conselhaut's skull pet often becomes stuck in place after battle.
-The Hunter's Favor. If you kill Suldrun in his kith form after placing totem to Galawain altar you can't complete quest. Quest log updates correctly directing you to speak to his father,but no dialogue options availible.
-If you complete "A Lovely Drop" quest by refusing to help Reyfald to seek antidote,dialogie option for cure will still be incorrectly availible when talking to Haeferic.

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-"Sacred Instruments" quest bug. If you follow dialogue path as shown at screenshot no reward will be given. Only xp,but no gold despite the obvious intent.


-"Garod's Chorus" minor visual bug. I recieved this quest when I found horn piece of helmet in ogre cavern of the The-Flames-That-Whisper clan. After I left and returned later,on the second floor this happened:


-Minor text repeating bug when speaking to Lafda and follow certain dialogue path.


-Zahua model randomly becomes invisible after loading safe.



-"Overstaying His Welcome" quest. When I killed Ailef and retuned to bring news to Defala she attacked me as intended. However after killing her quest did not updated and now cannot be completed.

-Grieving Mother's focus counter always refills to 50 at the end of every encounter.


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