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Bug [2.0] Performance Issues



There is a noticeable degradation of game performance since the upgrade to 2.0 and installation of the expansion.


I have taken the time to collect the following files to assist:

1. DxDiag.txt

2. [very long name].savegame

3. output_log.txt

4. Screenshot.jpg

5. Screenshot of PillarsOfEternity.exe Performance Tab [via Process Explorer - Sysinternals]


I am more than happy to provide them, but I am not installing a 3rd party app (i.e. dropbox) just to submit bug report support files.  You guys need to figure out a better way for users to submit the bug reporting documentation.


From my end, I suspect some kind of resource leak.  I'm watching the memory usage steadily grow over time even when the application is paused with no interaction from the user.


And yes, I am a software engineer and have been developing software primarily for the Windows platform for 15 years.





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Hi Dorian Gray,

wellcome to the forum,


as today is sunday I will predate the answer from Celliot or Aarik, whoever takes this thread ;)

first thanks for your support

second its a known problem, please use the search function (actually at time of your post its directly below your thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81388-problem-fps-since-patch-20/ ),

if you don't want to use dropbox (which i totally understand) use https://www.sendspace.com/ (on a side node you as a software engineer don't have any of such sites at your disposal?)

The bottom line, they will say is, that they working to fix the degradation of patch 2.00 with the patch next week.


There will be no words about the underlying fundamental problems in performance as in 100% cpu all the time, 100% gpu all the time, no idle state if window has no focus or is invisible and huge performance drops on large 3d objects (which may be the ultimate underlying reason why the char models on large resolutions, on the level up screen, are upscaled instead of rendered at natural resolution)

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