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Monk Unarmed Damage Progression in White March

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I heard that monks gets +16 unarmed accuracy and +12 (?) Unarmed damage (without stength) at level 13-14.


Is it true ?


Basically that would make Monk's fists the most damaging weapons by a relevant margin (especially with good stength).

They would have less specials than enchanted weapons, but would be the "best in slot weapons" for pure damage purposes, as they were (arguably) in BG2 with their D20 damages.

In addition, with "Draining Mod" removed, weapon specials are also less critical for melee, so unarmed monk might now be simply the "best" choice for monks.



It would be a very useful information for the monk I'm planning to create. Especially because Unarmed is what monk "should be", and I really would like to play them this way.




Bonus question : Is it the same with Novice Suffering ? I heard it is scaling too.

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