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Nua Ruins level 12 Tcharek Hostile



So yeah, as title say he just shows up hostile. Googled it and it seems some people months ago had similar issues.

Only solution I found was to delete some mod which I havn't installed to begin with.


I've tried logging out of the zone/ruins/game, nothing.


Tried validating local files (steam), nothing.


So am I just out of luck or is there something I can do to try and fix it.

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Hello again.  Do you happen to have a save right before entering level 12 of Od Nua.  The save you gave me is over in Heritage Hill.  This is not an issue, as I was able to get to level 12, but I'm wondering what might have happened beforehand to cause him to go hostile.  I'll see what I can dig up in the mean time.  Thanks for your patience and support during this issue.

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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