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Hi guys,



First of all I have already completed the game on hard. I was roleplaying so only companions, no respec etc.


My setup was:



Me (Fighter)

Eder - Fighter

Pallegina - Paladin


Damage dealers

Aloth - Mage

Hiravias - Druid



Durance - Priest


And with this setup I did, but that wasn't easy



What do you guys think about my idea for 2nd playtrough (again hard and roleplaying)?



Zahua - Monk

Pallegina - Paladin

Eder - Warrior



Grieving Mother - Cipher

Me - Cipher

Aloth/Hiravias - Mage or Druid



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Should've used the Grieving Mother instead of Pallegina in your first playthrough, would've made things a lot easier.

Two ciphers can be a powerful combination, but you're gonna need some intense micromanagement to avoid hitting your pals with two Antipathetic Fields at once.


I've yet to see Zahua in action, so I can't say whether he's good for your frontline or not. Having Durance is extremely useful in many fights, even if his build is subpar. I'd advise against removing him.

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