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Character froze when it goes to 0 endurance



Hi Developers,


I had a fight at Old Nua level 6 and Durance after going zero did not fall to the ground and after the battle his endurance did not loaded back.


Problem is the game thought that I was still in combat so I was unable to save. However for Some reason after quitting from the game and loading back my status Durance fell and stood up, reloading its Endurance points.


My output log file and my latest save file can be found under this drop box link:




Also I added the picture below.


The issue happens not the first time. At Old Nua level 5 I encountered with the same issue, but there a summoned spirit froze when it was killed by the enemy.


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Hey Kpista,


I was unable to reproduce your bug. It'll be hard to get a save from you if this happens again since you are playing on Trial of Iron. Since rebooting the game worked out the issue for you, I will consider this resolved. 


If it happens again, please let me know. If you can get any video of it, that would be fantastic. Then that way you have proof. 


Thanks for your support!

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