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With 2.0 Constant Recovery now has a duration that expires after a short period, about 90 seconds at level 3. Veteran's recovery however, does not. While it restores half as much endurance it continues throughout the fight. This can be very significant in certain situations. I have found many fights on my new fighter to extend beyond the limit of constant recovery.


It seems odd to me that a cross class talent could provide more benefit than the original skill it's based on. It would be nice if constant recovery was a little more constant.


Has anyone else noticed or had an issue with this change? Am I missing something about it?

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Huh, that's interesting. Maybe Constant Recovery has a time limit on it now because in long grindfests of a fight, fighters can take a ludicrous amount of time to die? (In my experience, enemy Fighters need to be CC'd or somehow distracted if you want to let loose on the back row, and I never had to heal Eder mid-combat after he hit a certain level.)

Does seem a little odd that Veteran's Recovery doesn't have that time limit, though.



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