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[2.0] Less party experience?



I've started a great many characters, and every one of them has always hit level 2 before I finished the ruins (dungeon) of Cilant Lis -- providing I disarmed all of the traps with someone with 3 mechanics (three-person group). As of 2.0, I was 896/1000 by the time I exited. To put that in perspective, given that I'm usually 1013 by that point, that's a 12% reduction in overall experience.


To put some numbers in here. Post-biawac dialogue, I had 511 experience. Trap experience remained the same; I raced to the traps, disarmed them gained ~245 experience (756 by this point). Which means the entirety of the dungeon resulted in less than 140. So the overall split from the dungeon itself was significantly lower, or things weren't awarding experience. Either way, it's a reduction in experience and I'm wondering if that's intentional (slowing the pace down game-wide for a now delayed ending given expansions) or a bug.


Edit: Checked saves, added exact values.


Edit 2: Noticed my previous characters started with more experience walking into Cilant Lis. Both characters disarmed the chest in the Encampment, but one used lockpicks. Even if it didn't give me any experience for using lockpicks vs not using lockpicks, it wouldn't account for a ~120 experience discrepency. But my 2.0 priest walked in with 511 and my rogue in 1.06 walked in with 628.


Edit 3: Took my 1.06 rogue from the same point (using the 2.0 client), walked into Cilant Lis with 513 experience (had 628 previously). So definitely less than pre-2.0 values -- I figure the reduced metric is ptonsnlu the post-cutscene/dialogue experience. Come to think of it, I noticed in 2.0 beta one of my characters was level 4 at a certain point and another during 1.06 was level 5. (~2000 experience difference by the time I cleared towards the Keep.) I had chalked it up to doing something different at the time, but it looks like experience metrics have changed for cutscenes.

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