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So the pre-end game save you're stuck in Sun in Shadow right?  There is no way to get back to Caed Nua?  How can I use that?  Do you have to use a save before entering the pit?  I was under the impression we could use our end game save to continue the expansion knowing the core game was complete.


Save game I'd like to use, the final.

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The pre-end game save is designed so that you have a save file right before you enter the pit so that if you cant beat it or get stuck, you can go back to that save file and do whatever you need to do. This file is marked as "xxxxxxxxxxxx noreturnsave.savegame"


You should be able to use that save to play The White March.


You will not be able to use the save "gamecomplete.savegame" for the expansion.


Thank you for your support. 

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