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Generally I'd say it's bad practice to have two sets of patch notes or undocumented changes.


If balance changes aren't deemed relevant enough (and that's a little silly because its what many want to know above all else), just put them in a spoiler tag or something. Aint nobody who wants to only read about the highlight features.

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I'd like complete Patch Notes as well, but how about doing the second best thing: Let's gather everything not covered in the patch notes!


There's been enough talk about Defender being way weaker (maybe even useless) now, but I couldn't find anything about Spiritshift or Animal Companions. I barely remember reading about those things in one of the previews for the expansion. I think they now scale with level or something?

Didn't have much time to play yesterday but I did notice that the duration of Spiritshift is now affected by Intelligence. I don't think that was the case before 2.0

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