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Priests and Wizard both get some nice spells but druid seems to get ****-all. Weather the Storm? 15 DR to elemental damage for 10 seconds is a 7th level spell? It's not even Fast.


With 6th levels druid spells also being kind of unimpressive means there's still not much to look forward to as a druid after getting 5th level spells.


I would have hoped for something offensive clearly superior to Earth Talons, World Maws and Insect Plagues, and something Healing/Defensive clearly superior to Moonwell.


If Natures Bounty simply gave its bonuses to everyone in the radius for 20 seconds instead of creating items they had to waste time consuming it would be perfectly fine, can't really see why they've designed it this way.


4th and 5th level druid spells are so great, first mechanically but also they look and feel powerfull. It just seems a shame there just isn't anything that lives up to their promise in 6th-7th level.

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