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[2.0 beta] Paladin auras persist on charmed foes



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That can't be right.  I think I worded my post wrong.

You're saying that it's intended for hostile mobs to indefinitely retain paladin auras after a charm spell fades, and that toggling the aura off/on while they are hostile is designed to affect them?


That has to be a bug, right?

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Sorry for the confusion. 


Paladin auras have refresh rate of 3 seconds. So every 3 seconds the pally buff is being applied to the party. In the even that you charm an enemy, they will get the buff as well. Once they go back to being hostile, the buff will remain until the next refresh of the pally's aura in which the buff should be removed from the enemy that was charmed. 


So if it is indefinite and does not go away after 3 seconds, then this is a bug.  


If the buff does not go away, could you please upload a save file and an output log where this issue is occurring? 

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