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[2.0 beta] Unexpected UI behavior when keybinding (mouse3)

Heinous Hat


Looks like something's amiss with key assignments for mouse buttons...


From observation, it appears mouse3 is internally bound to the 'edit chants' dialogue panel. There's no indication of this in the controls options nor any way to unbind the function. This results in multiple functions firing when using that hotkey.


With a Chanter character selected, the chant panel opens in addition to whatever function I've assigned manually to mouse3. With any other character, the panel doesn't open but you get the related UI sound effect (in addition to the assigned function)


For example, if I bind mouse3 to toggle 'scouting' in options->controls, the edit chant dialogue will open when I use the button (if I have a Chanter character selected). I can then close that panel by pressing mouse3 again, at which point scouting will toggle as desired.


Another example... assigning 'pause' to mouse3 doesn't work at all... the chant panel opens or closes as above, but the pause command doesn't fire.


In both of the above cases, I can bind those functions to any other mouse button withput issue.


I find that I can work around this (and also confirm the problem) by using an external utility (X-Mouse Button Control) to intercept mouse3, block the original input and assign the button to another mapped key (e.g.  's' for scouting or 'space' for pause). This effectively kills the call to open the chant panel while issuing the desired key command.


PoE's scope with regard to keybinding is greatly appreciated, by the way :). With most games, I have to use a 3rd party utility to get functionality out of secondary mouse buttons. That can be finnicky to get working as desired.





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Hello, Heinous Hat.  I am unable to reproduce this issue internally, and actually have never seen it.  I've been using my 3rd mouse button for toggling interactables since version 1.06.  It does not seem to matter who I have selected, the only thing that the button does is what I am assigning it to in the game.  It pauses fine, opens the character panel, toggles interactables, etc.  


I believe your problem is probably stemming from the use of 3rd party software.  Please try completely disabling any software that has the ability to change mouse and keyboard functions and update this thread accordingly.  Thanks!

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Hi celliot,


I don't generally use X-Mouse Button Control with PoE (since the native keybinding is excellent). I only created a profile to work around the problem I was having with the beta. I did test with it completely shut down (not in memory).


Also, to clarify, by mouse3 I mean the 4th mouse button. In my case that's the 'back' button on a 5 button mouse (Logitech Trackman).


However, this may all be irrelevent as the problem seems to be gone as of this morning's update to rel 2.0 and White March :thumbsup:  I'll follow up if it returns.


For reference, I believe that there is (or was) a depricated control mapping for the chant editor which could be complicit. I came across this when using the IE mod with game versions prior to the beta, where that unused control was repurposed to implement a 'walk mode' hotkey for characters. This is likely why I did not see the problem prior to the beta... and it surfaced in absence of the mod.


For whatever reason, it's working correctly so far since the update. Thanks.





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