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[2.0 beta] Bartender's ring bug ?



When I first found this ring (anneau de la serveuse in french), I checked its stats and there where some missing strings in its bonus description.


So I checked on a wiki.


And this morning, when I checked it, its only bonus is +5 will, which should not be the case ? (or am I mistaking ?)


If it matters it was equipped by Sanagi whom I recalled from a major quest.


Sorry for my english.

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I remember that when I took it, the description wasn't complete like Mathieu, but with some sort of code lines in it. (replacing +20% spirit and vessel)


I'm with the french version if it matters.


Unfortunately, I didn't capture it, and I get no more save from this point.


Another side note is a possible translation mistake > in the game in french, its name is "anneau de la serveuse" which is referring specifically to a female bartender/waitress

In the description, the reference is for a man (Erol), so it can be ok if it is actually owned by a girl (I found it in a chest/box), but if owned by a man or referring to Erol of Levi, it should be "anneau du serveur" or another male character like "tenancier" (more like the owner of the place) or "fondateur" (founder)  if referring to Erol creating this place > I think it would ring (uh uh) better in french


But it's some small detail :)

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