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BUG: sabre "resolution" looses enchantment when used with statue




When you enchant the sabre resolution before using it with the statue, the sabre will loose your new enchantment when you get it back from the statue.


steps to reproduce:

- get "resolution" from lv4 of endless path

- enchant the sabre with any enchantment

- go to lv 3, give the sabre to the statue and get it back

- When you get it back the sabre will be as you found it. All additional enchantment will be gone.


I have version 1.06

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Hi all

I know that this is an old post but I've just had it happen to me.

I tried re-enchanting as suggested but it didn't work.

Is there a specific enchantment you need to add or has this solution stopped working.



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No Aarik

This one's only a few days old.

I'm playing a druid on easy.

Two other things I noticed about this particular run through:

The Caed Nua Steward didn't warn me about Lord Byrnwigar having a Cruel reputation although it came up normally in the dialogue.

The courtesans outside the Salty Mast are wearing clothes (not that it bothers me).

I checked the Blackhammer Smithery to see if I'd accidently sold it (hadn't sold anything anywhere else) although I was pretty sure I hadn't.

I also checked all my out of party characters.


Maybe I'm just having some problems with this one.

I'm not going to stress over it but please keep this in mind if other people start having problems.


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