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AI Jumps back to default after Switching on again.



Dear Developers,


I am playing with the 2.0 and I am testing the AI. I have noticed some issues:


1.) When I setup the AI for a character, e.g. None/defensive and I save it then I switch it off. After I switch back during combat the AI jumps back to the original character default setup which is annoying since sometimes it is useful to move from micro manage to AI and vice versa under one combat.


2.) It would be very useful if an additional universal (not character specific) AI setup can be chosen which would "alloy" the hold the ground and the aggressive style. The mechanism would be to hold the ground (do not move and interact) but attack every enemy who is in the characters weapons (sword pyke crossbows) radius.


It would be extremely useful since if the battle is on a narrow bridge or at a doorstep and my wizard cast 5 area of effect spells in front of my warriors, AI is very inefficient since after the enemy is defeated, my warriors are running through the AoE spells to interact other enemies getting significant damage and giving up their good positions. (or in case without AI they are waiting to get hit by a new enemy)


Additional usage of this style would be my warriors do not need to wait an enemy to hit them - and then strike back - as it works currently without switching on any AI, and they would win the first strike in case of a longer weapon than the enemy's when they are engaged again.


I am playing PoTD Trial of Iron and I always try to find a narrow place where the enormous amount of enemy cannot interact my characters at the same time. And at this tactic, the above described AI would be extremely useful.



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Hi Aarik,


I analyzed the issue a bit thoroughly. It only exists when the Character behavior is on None, and I change the auto attack only:




I setup the Behavior to None and the Auto attack to Defensive or whatever. If I change later the auto attack only to anything else (e.g. Defend itself) without changing the behavior, the behavior jumps back to Aggressive at any character.


This bug applies only if the Behavior is on none. If the class behavior is set to cautious, or tho hold the ground or whatever the auto attack change only does not modify the Behavior.


The error does not apply either when I perform the AI change with confirming the None option all the time. So when I change the Auto attack and I choose the None behavior again regardless that the behavior switch was on that, the behavior will not switch to aggressive.


I hope this helps. If you still need my save file I am happy to upload.


Thanks for the help and the answer. 

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