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[story] Request: Thaos rap battle

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Maybe i am missing something, or this was mentioned before, but with all changes, expansions, and stuff... is there a chance to add option to talk over Thaos?


It is good tradicion cRPG that game is more than never ending slaughter, and quill is more powerfull than sword +5.

And that would make sense, THaos did horrible things for so long, and he is possible aware of that, maybe PC could convict him that change and cycle of life is inevitable? Or that his protecting humanity is harming them anyway, so there is no difference, and better to just rest. And then... dependin of our alligment there will be final note (cruel or passion or rational...) This would be cool if all this storing alligment points was useful at last in one epic rap battle.


To be more precise with won rap battle Thaos is dead but statues got very agry, so there will be final battle.


This is good idea since:

- Players wish that. We will see how many.

- It provides another option to "win" the game. For each, own kind of porn.

- It is educational. Delivering the messege that the game is not about good stats.

- Increase value of preious decisions and building up PC personality (being consistent)

- Fits the settings where nothing is set in stone, and everything is a bit gloom and ambvalent

- It gives a choice fight or talk, not talk, talk but we will fight anyway. At this is all about choices.


What are the reasons:

- Gods are not gods and THaos knows it

- His protecting humanity brings equal amount of suffering

- People did a fair amount of bad in the name of gods (could mention skaen hiden temple or Roderick)

- People did some good from themselves (need some help bringing good example, maybe if PC is champion in more than one region)

- Life is pointless and its all about fight and winning (cruel waaaagh)

- Soon someone else will question the order and this will be constant fight.

- With each life cycle people are smarter with the experience of past (so rational)

- Apeal to his pride as noble race, and point out that he was tool to machine.


There would be a need to cross match it with some deciosions in game and reputacion. A lot of work. But i think it is worth.

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Thaos has had thousands of years to be convinced, if anyone was going to convince him. I like "talk the BBEG to death" endings as much as anyone, but only if they're actually fitting. In this case, he is no more interested in talking things out than Irenicus or Sarevok were. The sample arguments you raise are basically all things you already can say to Thaos. He either welcomes or deflects each in turn, certain that your points only validate his own. Then you fight, because you are an unstoppable force, and he is an immovable object.


Like Iovara, Thaos will never be persuaded of anything; he is both unwilling and unable to give up on his cause. Several of your party members even view cleansing his soul's memories as a kindness. Maybe you could have negotiated with Thaos the man, but Thaos the man is no more. In his place is Thaos the cancer, Thaos the abcess, Thaos the living unhappiness born when good will persists in the absence of hope at the center of the human heart. There's no way to heal a tumor or to make it "better," because healing is itself antithetical to what a tumor is. There is only the poison draught, only the knife - and the hope that when the living rot is dead, enough healthy tissue will remain to sustain a life.


Sometimes, in health and in war and in the mind of a man, there is no knee - only the sword. Stories (and video games in particular), often teach us that this is a common thing, where reality teaches us that the sword is rarely much of a solution at all. Perhaps more stories should reflect that, but that doesn't mean we should shove nonviolent endings in where they don't make any sense. Bloody conflict with Thaos isn't just an arbitrary game requirement, but rather an inevitability for the Watcher, written across the fabric of both their lives.

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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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My first reaction to the title of this thread was that for Thaos and the Watcher to start rapping would be totally immersion-breaking.

But awesome.



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