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[v1.06] Bug in siding with the Vithoricks, Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 12



Hello guys


I just want to tell, that I've discovered an bug in an dialog sequence.

First of all -> Im not on the newest patch, it can be that this bug is already discovered and fixed?

If so please confirm and close this Thread, I dont have the time to crawl the complete forum... :(


The version in my game is v1.0.6.0591 - Im not running the newest because I want to finish my first and only savegame prior advancing patches.

(Im a slow gamer, also have not much time to spend sadly...)


The bug is in the Od Nua Level 12, if siding with the Vithracks in Tcharek's dialog sequence.

You get a new quest by this: "The Master's tools".


If you now advance to the east to Kestorik in order to continue endless paths - you'll get a dialog sequence.

Kestorik is friendly at first...

You have following choices:

1: "Your leader asked us to collect some adra samples to help the colony."

2: "You speak a little better than your leader."

3: "I'm searching for the Master Below."

4: "Get out of my way or you can start calling me Spider-kicker, too."

5: "I'm just exploring. I don't want any trouble. Let me pass, and I'll be on my way."

6: "Nice spider."


If one is now pretty forward in revealing that you've already sided with the Vithrack you'd probably choose 1 here.

However I chose 3.


The Vithracks are obviously very itchy that we got into their lair... so this should result in an battle immediadly.

However due the siding I've following choices now:

1: "Wait! Your leader asked us to collect some adra samples for the colony."

2: [Attack.] "If you want a fight so be it."


This choice will not work, I would like to avoid the battle chosing 1 - but prior this dialog chocie the Vithrack changed into foe already (red circle around).

The dialog sequence is correct, Kestorik says we can advance further done.

But since the game machanic already made Kestorik a foe it will result in a battle nonetheless.


Anyone tried this already?

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