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Durance AI - Nothing Happening



I am playing with the 2.0 patch. Currently I have Durance set to be defensive auto attack (to keep him out of the way) but with 'Support' chosen and 'Per Rest' abilities active.


I have yet to see him do anything. At minimum I would expect him to trigger 'Holy Radiance' as described (ie 1 party member < 33% endurance or 2 at < 50%) but this isn't happening.


He will attack when put into aggressive attack.


Is this something already known about. Could it be I am doing something wrong?

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Im not sure but Ive read in another thread that to activate the AI you need to click the party member and one of the choices should be a symbol of a head with gears in it. Under that selection should be an AI toggle. Im not actually playing so I could be wrong. :lol:

Yeah that's all been activated. I know the toggle you are talking about. It's lit but Durance just stands there. Although I understand he wont attack automatically if not set to 'aggressive'  he should be doing all the support stuff. He's not doing anything. Even the 'per encounter' abilities that he should be using.

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Hello casualvillain,


The priest ai should be casting spells but we are aware that priests ai is not casting holy radiance when they should be.


Could you please upload a save file and an output/player log via dropbox and post the link here? From there I'll be able to take a closer look at your issue.


Thanks a bunch!

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