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OMG Gamescom vid= "soulbound weapons"!

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this sounds awesome, and please tell me someone at obsidian was thinking of an oft forgotten lil gem called "Earthdawn" when this feature was dreamt up?!?!?! 


either way, i'm super stoked!!!!!


haven't even finished the video yet, just saw that news and poo'd a lil....


hugs n bunnies @ obsidian!!!!!!!!

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Sounds interesting, and the Artists have really done a great job again. It's good to see that Obsidian is trying to improve this game. Just the combat from this ign video is disappointing to me because the enemies drop like flies waiting to get slaughtered by the party's many abilities, hopefully there's not only trash mob fighting, where's the party vs party duels, the immune/protected enemies you first have to breach/make visible, battles that actually last longer. Area and Enemy design which makes kiting pointless, meh where's the bg2 fights? Perhaps the shown fights are on easy difficulty? I think my favorite thing in this game are the scripted interactions which remind me of the gamebooks from Ian Livingstone and steve jackson i played in the 80ies.

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