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I Solo'd the Adra Dragon on hard! Muahahaha (Strategy)

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Hey sorry lol I didn't record it and can't really be bothered lol but I solo'd it on hard, not PoTD sadly but I'm not on that and feel I could as the strategy seems the same, and still soloing her at all especially on hard when most people can't beat her I think is awesome.


Thanks to Faylon the paladin because looking at his video It just seemed I needed just a little bit more defenses, I had 100 of about all and I thought if that wasn't gonna work nothing would, but seeing I just needed about 150+ really helped me out and makes an immense difference in the fight, to think I was only one more buff away from not only beating her with a party but soloing her.


I did this on a Wizard at level 10 or 11 and heres some of the things you could use and would be helpful.


Firstly My wizard has 19 resolve, 17 perception and 18 constitution (base stats) 21/20/19 boost by items.


Talents: Sword and Shield style, superior Deflection (you could also get cautious attack, I don't though)




Items: A good 12 Def/ -4 accuracy shield thats exceptional (or well the better shield you get in the dragons stash but well you can't use that till you beat her =P (I used Ilffan Bryngar's Solace) and any hatchet for +5 deflection.


With this stuff I was standing at wat like 104-106? deflection if I recall.


Rotfingers gaunlets for the debuff, 10+ ring of deflection, some eldritch aim potions wouldn't go amiss, and the combusting wounds ring (you could also just use casts its not necessary and instead have the ring of wonders for a safety net, but honestly it was going so well it wasn't even needed)


Edit: Also Aura of Lillith Cape +2 resolve on armor for 5+ defelection, +6 on reflexes and +4 will.


Btw I'd just like to state I don't think any of these items after the hatchet and shield are necessary to do this they just make it a little more streamlined.




Strategy: The fight was actually pretty easy tbh once I thought of this strategy




You want to start the fight casting Ironskin so you arn't 1 hit (also maybe health infusion if you arn't as tanky as me but I don't need it), and llengrath's Safeguard, after he does the Wing Blast aoe thing and takes you below 50% that will proc llengraths, then use another buff lengraths displaced image.


This will take you above 100 defensives and 150+ deflection, after this heal up with a potion or whatever heals you got.


After this you really just wanna chill out and ignore her and wait for all the adds to come (you can tank her and pretty much anything at this point)


you could burst her or wait for adds to come and start aoeing them all, but honestly I don't waste the spell casts, I just sit there (not attacking so she doesn't terrify me) all the adds will come in a few seconds, she'll wing blast again and kill the entire set of enemies except for this one high priest that for some reason survives above the others lol then start.


After they are all out the way, use rotfingers gloves and debuff her, drink a potion of eldritch aim and use the ring of combusting wounds on her, then use Ninagauths Freezing Pillar if there is that priest alive, hit them both, kill her and start the damage on her.


(if she doesn't kill the adds after about 10-20 seconds just got ahead and use that Frozen pillar on them all and the rotfingers poison dot and that should wreck them all, a noxious burst for good measure if you want them out the way fast, 4 llengraths displaced image is more than enough time to finish her off, infact id say 2 is fine but keep 3 just for safety, after you start stacking your stuff on her she'll go down at a pretty fast pace)


Then just cast Wall of flame and Wall of force over and over whilst keeping up combusting wounds (be sure to rotfingers gloves debuff and eldritch aim to make sure you hit with all combusting wounds) and basically this will shred, her death by thousands of very quick burning cuts.


After you have like 4 walls of fire and 3 walls of force on her + the combusting wounds (even if wounds isnt a dot im not sure) its like 14 damage a second beacuse her DR will still let through 20% whilst each hit combusting a wound (and If combusting wounds is a dot I'm not sure its actually like 43 dmg a second, it kinda seems untestable, either way its still tons of dmg) (use all your fasts of those levels on Wall of fire/force)


you could use some of your casts on combusting wounds too if your ring runs out and some concelhauts corrosive siphon when its up (this does FULL damage + procs combusting wounds since its a DoT bypassing DR)


Either way the walls will overkill her, but you may aswell keep hitting her with stuff whilst they are up, so yeah corrosive siphon, whilst keeping up your two llengraths defensive buffs, start doing some chill fogs after its all expended if shes not already dead.


Relax and wait for her to die, or if you want some epic flair when shes near death use Ring of Death and super overkill her.


Well fought and great fight beautiful and powerful Dragon.


PS: btw she's a woman, for **** sake everyone stop saying "He" jesus lol.

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