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I never played all the way through on a lower difficulty, so this was my first time. Freaking awesome game! Still some rough edges, but it's got a hell of a lot going for it.


The first time I try solo I want to do PoTD and Expert but not Trial of Iron yet.


What do you all think is the easiest class to solo for a first solo run? A melee rogue?

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Depends on how you intend to play. Monk, barbarian, fighter and chanter all have a lot to recommend them for tankier solo runs. Rogue is ideal if you're looking to sneak through the game. I hear tankier wizards can do great things with Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff.

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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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I dunno why some people keep saying "melee rogue" I dunno I've seen some rogues and if I'm honest they seem pretty weak to me, if you're solo you are gonna HAVE to tank stuff, can rogues really do that?


I dunno about Barb also, but I've little experience on them tbh, so I'm not sure, but they seem kinda limited.


I'd say your best bet and all thats really possible to do it IMO, if you wanna solo every part is like  Wizard, Monk, Fighter and Paladin.


I disagree with a rogue sneaking past as "soloing" that seems more like skipping the game than actually playing it and beating the challenges, which a solo run and hardest difficulty is all about.


As someone with a lot of experience on wizard, what gka said above about concelhaut's I mean Its an ok spell and it has its moments, but I'm not sure its something I'd rely on, and using a shield and hatchet like I do, it takes away from your deflection leaving you vulnerable.


But yeah as a last ditch effort and with some defensive buffs up I'd use it because ironically wizards seem to do the highest melee dmg in the game from what I see besides like rogue sneak attacks with their enchanted weapons.


But I'd mostly just be  using aoe to blast down the enemies whilst slowly wittling away whatever few are left whilst tanking with hatchet + shield and defensive talents.


Though its true especially with one of the end game spells "citzels staff" or something you summon it get a weapon thats superb, has 1.8 range, it does AOE explosion damage when you hit and its like 36-58 its pretty crazy.


If you do solo on wizard just know a few things, A lot of spells don't trigger a recovery cooldown like buffing so don't be afraid to use it its not wasting time, one of these is level 1 spell eldritch aim is very important in making sure you hit with certain spells you need to hit with to finish off groups and ect.


Level 1 spell chill fog is a great and dependable aoe blinds and just keeps ticking blind + damage


Lastly level 2 spell Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon is an AOE DoT and since its a DoT it bypasses all DR and heals you every tick it does aoe, so you'll be doing like 11 aoe damage no exceptions then again every 3 seconds for like 15 seconds and healing all that damage each tick, its godly.


The only problem that ever has is it misses or grazes, so a great combo is, Eldritch Aim, Chill Fog, Concelhauts Corrosive Siphon.


You really can't go wrong with that, its extremely potent and thats just the lower level spells, good luck if you go with wizard.



EDIT: Just went on to test it on my level 11 Wizard, and well I don't really watch people play barbs and **** but yeah I think concelhauts staff may be very strong.


My aloth has 5 DR and it GRAZED him for 38 damage lol, i can actually kill aloth out of combat with concelhauts staff (with the crazy out of combat regeneration lol) and thats not even citzels spear which is stronger, faster and more accurate.


Citzels Spirit Lance level 6 spell on my char: 41-62 damage vs deflection +15 accuracy / 1.8 weapon reach / Superb / Speed: +20% attack speed /2M aoe, 22-36 crush Foe AOE vs reflex +10 accuracy


One last thing, both weapons look EXTREMELY AMMAAZZZINNG especially concelhaut's its the best looking weapon with best looking effects in the game, Tis pretty damn beautiful.

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