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A couple of ways that would immensely improve playability.

- Obviously, a way to label the map with multicolored pins, as we were able to do in the later Infinity Engine games. Also an optional "Auto-pin" option which puts a pin identifying a location after you visit it. (before you scoff, remember, P:T did this)

- Ability to move up and down a level on the map screen. For instance when looking at the world map, you should be allowed to view the local map of a location by either right-clicking on it, or adding a third option to the travel dialog (so: Travel Here, View, Cancel). These maps would only be available after you visited the location, of course.

This would be especially useful in cases like Twin Elms and Defiance Bay where you have a city split up into three or more zones, and it's hard to keep track of which locations are in each slice of the location. By being able to go down to the local map (with your labels!) from the world map.

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Those would be nice.  In Defiance Bay I do have trouble remembering where those I have visited are.  Especially Odra's Gift area.

 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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More important, larger areas, please.


Every area seems so small. And then an ambush every few steps.


I would love running around in an enlarged Anslög Compass area, travelling along the coast and exploring much more. Same for Northweald. All these maps concentrate on steady encounters and a few places to visit. I had hoped for more exploration in the style of Cliaban Rilag ... finding the occasional traces of something, such as a tent or camp fire and meeting more Kith.

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