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Characters and NPCs not reacting to the death of an important character (spoiler)



Playerlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfhnlv29abftzkm/Player.log?dl=0


Saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xa8uq2ks3zmvve3/f1edefd2-32d2-41e9-b31e-d549d4f05bf9%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0


This is the quest to kill Raedric. I've entered his castle through the lower level, where the animancer is. And I killed her because it made sense to me. However, when you talk to Raedric there isn't an option to tell him the animancer is dead, which doesn't make any sense since he will try to convince you to become his ally and he will talk about his future plans with the animancer. Also, when the quest is finished all those random npcs in the castle will talk about how creepy the animancer is, ignoring she is dead. 






I think there should be an option in the dialog to tell Raedric the animancer is dead (which would result in him attacking you) that would also remove the animancer line from all npcs in the castle. And if you don't mention it to Raedric, Kolsc should say something when he appears ("I've seen the animancer dead in her laboratory" or whatever), causing the same effect: animancer lines removed.

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Thanks. The entire conversation with Raedric should be revised really. Even after you've told him you have seen the body of his dead wife you can still ask him why does he have a dagger covered in blood (as if he didn't admit it already). Also, why does it say a dagger? He has a great sword, which he'll drop after he dies. The sword is also called 'Justice' and has blood on it, like it's the weapon that was used to kill his wife. I don't know why it says dagger.


The line where you say something like "Tell me about the Raedrics" while he's threatening to kill you is also very anti-climatic.

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