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[1.06] Goldrot chew literally does _nothing_



I'm not on my main computer so I can't post a saved game.


But despite its buff in a recent patch, goldrot chew appears to be functionally useless.


Like most people, I tried using it *after* a character got fatigue, and like most people I was surprised to see that it did nothing for the fatigue debuff.


"OK," I thought, "maybe I have to take it pre-emptively."


Well, I have a saved game where in the course of a fight, one of my characters gains fatigue. Upon a reload, I tried eating goldrot chew before the fight, but I *still* get fatigued after the fight, even though by some numbers floating around there, -80 to fatigue should keep me in the clear for quite a while!

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Despite having an even bigger effect these days (-80 Fatigue last time I checked; I believe i was -30 at release and then -50 when I made this post), Goldrot Chew still does nothing as of 2.03.


I know you guys probably have higher priority issues to address, but just pinging in here to let you guys know that at least one person out here would like to see Goldrot Chew functional at some point.

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