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Dyrford: Am I missing something?

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When you walk into the Dyrford Inn for the first time, there's a short argument going on between the innkeeper and a nobleman (who should be standing just to the right of the counter, afterwards).

Is this your first visit to Dyrford, and have you done anything else in Dyrford? I can think of a few things that might cause this to come unhinged (I'm not sure if it would, but I can imagine), but if this is your first time here and you haven't done anything else around Dyrford, it's odd that it wouldn't play.

Do you still have the Autosave before entering the Inn, or something shortly before? I'd try loading that and just re-enter the Inn to see if it triggers.



Welcome to the first quest involving blatantly forced 21st century morality in the otherwise rather dark setting.


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